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Standard In Ground Pool Closing Package

Pool Winterizing is the Most Critical Step of Preventative Maintenance!

Protecting your swimming pool from the cold winter months is imperative to ensure your pool is in good working order next spring.

Complete Spa & Pool offers professional pool winterizing/pool closing services in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington & Milton areas.

Standard Pool Closing Includes:

  • Drain water level down below wall jets
  • Blow out and plug all line fittings and skimmer
  • Remove ladders and diving boards
  • Drain all equipment (1 pump - filter - heater - salt unit)
  • Add winterizing chemicals
  • Install safety cover
  • Spillover spa, waterfall or deck fountain jets,multiple covers, Additional fee $50 each. Missing wall and skimmer plugs are billed as an extra cost.
  • Pool cleaning/vacuuming is not included and should be done the day before closing booking. Additional fee $85
  • Partial pool closing package $230 (owner is responsible for draining water down)
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