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Before You Buy That House With A Pool!!

Pool InspectionCall us First, to save you from the big surprise of a major repair bill with your pool.

Let us tell you what condition that pool is really in! Before you buy the house.

What does the pool inspector look for?

A pool inspection is not usually included in a standard home inspection and a specialist is often needed to conduct a pool or spa inspection.

In order for the pool inspection to be completed properly, it must be done while the pool or spa is open and functional. Planning of inspection for the warmer months of the year is optimal.

Our pool inspection service includes:

  • A visual inspection of the deck around the pool.  As concrete pool decks are the most common, the inspector will likely look for any cracks in the concrete that might be a sign of a bigger issue with the pool structure. Interlock paver decking can have issues as well such as sinking or heaving leading to other possible larger issues with water build up in the ground around the pool structure causing long term damage to the structure or plumbing.
  • The inspector will also be checking to make sure that the coping around the top of the pool structure is properly sealed and in good condition. If the coping track or coping stones are damaged or loose it can cause water damage to the tile and or vinyl liner or the pool structure.
  • The pool pumps, filter, salt generator and heater systems to determine whether or not they are leaking and functioning properly or need to be replaced to upgrade to current efficiency levels of modern equipment.
  • An experienced visual inspection of the pool interior will determine whether or not there are possible issues within the pool’s fiberglass or concrete - marbelite plaster - tile structure or a vinyl liner itself, which can be a very telling discovery for the homeowner and/or buyer.
  • Other pool accessories like pool lights, ladders and diving boards need inspecting for safety issues, and the inspector will be sure to check them for signs of shorting, rusting or deterioration.
  • Inspection of all pool electrical systems to make sure they meet current electrical safety code
Pool Inspection - Cracked Tile
Pool Inspection - Broken Coping
Pool Inspection - Peeled Marbelite