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Standard Pool Opening Package

  • Remove Winter Safety Cover, wash, clean, fold and prepare for storage
  • Remove all winterizing material, foam rope, plugs etc.
  • Re-install all deck equipment, ladders, diving boards, hand rails
  • Re-install circulation equipment, gas heater pressure switch as required, salt chlorination cell, skimmer basket, eye balls
  • Filter reassembly including pump plugs, tighten seals,pressure guess in place
  • Turn on system and check for leaks and proper operation providing pool water level is above the skimmer intake
  • Equipment start up can only be done when the pool water level is full
  • Add opening chemicals – Shock, Algaecide, Metal Remover  if  pool is circulating
  • 20 min. pool clean up service (does not guarantee completely clean pool)
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Pool Opening Fee Schedule

Customer Will

  • Have all pool accessories on deck - missing or broken parts will be replaced at additional cost
  • Provide water with garden hose supply and shut off water when pool is properly full
  • Have gate unlocked
  • Customer is responsible for raising water level under winter cover prior to our arrival otherwise we cannot guarantee full start up.
  • Additional trips are billed at $95/hour - minimum 1 hour charge
  • Submit sample for water testing in order to balance water/top up salt 24 hours after start up

Standard pool opening package as per above scope of work - $280.00 plus H.S.T.

Winter Safety Cover- fold and store - INCLUDED IN STANDARD OPENING
Winter Vinyl Cover - drain, wash, fold & store Lock In Bead -Additional Fee $25
Winter Tarp & Bags Cover - drain bags fold and store Additional fee $35

2014 Pool Opening Service Form

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